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ALERT! - Phone Scam Lawyers Collecting Debt

Published June 15, 2016 by Sasser Law Firm
ALERT! – Phone Scam Lawyers Collecting Debt

There have been reports of recent collection phone call scams targeting NC. Lawyers Mutual has provided some helpful information regarding this scam.

We would like to first confirm that. This firm (Sasser Law Firm) DOES NOT collect debt via phone call. If you receive a phone call to collect debt purporting to be from this law firm, please do not provide personal or financial information to the caller.

Phone Scam Spoofing Lawyers’ Phone Numbers Targets NC Citizens

“We have recently been made aware of a new phone scam targeting North Carolina citizens. In this new scam, the caller purports to represent a law firm collecting a debt. The caller threatens the citizen with arrest if the debt isn’t paid via credit card during the phone call. The phone call has been reported to go like this:

“I am with [law firm] calling to collect a debt. If you do not give me a credit card number and pay this immediately, the sheriff is standing by to come to your house and arrest you.”

Victims of these scams are chosen at random. The scammers are hoping to scare vulnerable people into thinking they must provide credit card information to avoid going to jail.

Unfortunately, there is nothing law firms can do to prevent scammers from spoofing their phone number. Law firms can help alert the public to this scam.”

How Can you help stop this?

If you receive a call like this and if possible, write down the name of the law office that appeared on the caller ID and hang up.

  • Please call the State Bar Attorney Client Assistance Program at 919-828-4620 to describe what happened.
  • Contact the North Carolina Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Agency by calling 877-566-7226 or visiting their website.
  • Report telemarketing fraud to the FBI. You can contact your local agency or complete their online tips form.

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