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Bankruptcy in NC How Much Does it Cost to File?

NC Bankruptcy Lawyer Fees

If you are overwhelmed with debt and considering filing for bankruptcy, you may have questions and concerns about how much it will cost to hire a bankruptcy attorney.

concerned male considering bankruptcy with computer open

You can expect two types of expenses: an attorney’s fee and certain filing fees set by the bankruptcy court related to filing the petition, administration and credit counseling. The attorney’s fee may vary depending on the client’s income, the chapter of the federal bankruptcy code used to seek protection from creditors and the complexity of the case

bankruptcy attorneys of sasser law firmAt Sasser Law, we have three board-certified bankruptcy attorneys who have handled more than 7,000 cases on behalf of North Carolina residents and businesses that were overwhelmed by debt and needed to make a fresh start.

Our attorneys know from extensive experience that most people who face insolvency and file for bankruptcy are hardworking, middle income people who are facing difficult situations such as the loss of a job, a divorce, a serious health issue or a business reversal. Each individual and business owner has certain factors that led to his or her financial distress. We represent individuals and businesses in Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Apex, Holly Springs, Fuquay-Varina and throughout the Triangle.

illustration of a bankruptcy formSchedule a free consultation with a knowledgeable bankruptcy attorney at Sasser Law to review your situation and discuss whether bankruptcy is appropriate in your case.

Bankruptcy Filing Fees

Our bankruptcy attorneys at Sasser Law will always be straightforward with you about your legal options. You will deal directly with an experienced bankruptcy attorney, not a paralegal. We will work with you to determine which chapter of the federal bankruptcy code is better suited to address your financial situation.

We will always be forthright about how we operate and the fees you can expect for filing a bankruptcy petition. We will keep you informed throughout the process so that there are no surprises or hidden fees.

Below are listed the typical fees for Chapter 7, Chapter 13 and Chapter 11, the most commonly used sections of the bankruptcy code. We have a flat fee structure based on income for Chapter 7 cases.

illustration of a form and calculatorWith a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, we advance the filing fee and credit counseling fee, so you may be able to file a petition with no money upfront. We receive payment through the Chapter 13 payment plan.

Chapter 7 Fees


illustration of a growth graph Attorney fee for below-median income level consumer debtor $1,225
illustration of a declining graph Attorney fee for above-median income level consumer debtor $1,925
illustration of a court house Court filing fee to the bankruptcy court $338
illustration of a magnifying glass Mandatory credit counseling course and financial management fee $37

Note: Check to see if you are below or above the NC state median income level.

Chapter 13 Fees

illustration of papers held together with paper clip Attorney fee required to be paid prior to the filing of the case $0
illustration of a form Filing fee to the bankruptcy paid prior to the filing of the case $0
image of a magnifying glass Mandatory credit counseling fee prior to the filing of the case $0
illustration of a person Attorney fee paid through the Chapter 13 Trustee: Normally $6,500
small image of a court house Filing fee to the bankruptcy court paid through the Chapter 13 Trustee $313
small image of a magnifying glass Mandatory credit counseling fee paid through the Chapter 13 Trustee $25


Chapter 11 Fees

illustration of a person with a tie on Attorney fee (paid either before or after filing) $10,000-$25,000
illustration of bankruptcy court Filing fee to bankruptcy court $1,738
illustration of magnifying glass held over words Mandatory credit counseling course fee (if the debtor is an individual) $25
illustration of a calendar with a check mark Quarterly fees paid to the bankruptcy court Starting at $325

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