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Are your debts overwhelming you?

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Bankruptcy Lawyers in Lee County, NC

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Are you drowning in debt and unable to pay your mortgage, car payments, credit card bills, utilities, or other obligations and expenses? The Lee County bankruptcy attorneys of Sasser Law are here to help. Instead of risking the possibility of losing everything, allow our knowledgeable bankruptcy lawyers to explain your options to seek relief and make a fresh start.

With over 20 years of experience serving people throughout Lee County, our North Carolina board-certified bankruptcy lawyers have helped more than 7,000 people and businesses obtain bankruptcy protection. We can help you seek relief from unmanageable debt as well.

If you would like to learn more about your bankruptcy options, turn to the experienced Lee County bankruptcy lawyers of Sasser Law. Call us today at 919-319-7400 to schedule a free initial consultation. A bankruptcy attorney will review your income, assets, expenses, and debts, and outline all the legal options available to you. After your free case evaluation with a Sasser Law attorney, you’ll have the information you need to decide how to proceed.

Client Testimonials

“Meeting with Travis and his staff was a very positive experience. I was especially surprised at their unique way of EMPATHIZING with someone who was faced with Bankruptcy.”

– Dan T.

Bankruptcy Cases Our Firm Handles in Lee County

There are many different types of bankruptcy filings available to meet your needs. The type of bankruptcy protection that is appropriate for you depends on your particular financial situation. No two bankruptcy cases are exactly alike. The Lee County bankruptcy lawyers at Sasser Law will take the time to understand your financial situation and your needs. Using that information, we can develop a plan that will put you on track to regain financial stability.

Are you unsure if you need to hire a bankruptcy lawyer? The signs that you need to consult with a bankruptcy attorney include:

  • Inability to pay your bills
  • Constant calls from debt collectors
  • Your credit cards are maxed out
  • Creditors are threatening to sue you for unpaid debts
  • Lack of income
  • Unsure how to approach accumulating debt
  • Bounced checks
  • Need legal representation in court

The types of bankruptcies our lawyers regularly assist individuals and companies in Lee County with include:

Chapter 7 Personal or Business Liquidation

The most common form of bankruptcy, a Chapter 7 filing typically means the liquidation of your property as a tradeoff for the discharge of debt. The vast majority of our clients who qualify for Chapter 7 relief lose nothing but a lot of debt. Credit card debt and medical debt are among the leading contributors to someone choosing Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Certain debts are not dischargeable under Chapter 7, including individual taxes, child support, student loans, alimony, criminal debts and any liability that is not listed in your schedule of creditors. Our Lee County bankruptcy attorneys can help you determine whether you qualify for discharge of your debt through a Chapter 7 petition.

Chapter 11 Business Reorganization

If your company, partnership, or sole proprietorship is struggling with debt, you may want to consider Chapter 11 bankruptcy as a way to keep your business afloat while you develop strategies for growth.

Chapter 11 permits your company to continue operating while you pay creditors what they are owed through a court-ordered debt payment plan. After your business has filed for bankruptcy, creditors must stop collection efforts, including asset repossessions and lawsuits.

Chapter 12 Reorganization for Family Farmers

Chapter 12 addresses the specific economic challenges Lee County family farmers face, such as fluctuating crop prices, severe weather, equipment costs and the impact of tariffs and trade policies. Chapter 12 allows farmers who qualify to develop a plan to repay their debts over three to five years. It is generally less expensive, faster, and less complicated than Chapter 11.

To be eligible for Chapter 12, the total debt of your farming operation must not exceed a certain amount. Typically, more than half of your income from the preceding year must have come from farming, and at least half of your fixed debts must be associated with agriculture.

Only family farmers with stable annual income may file under Chapter 12, according to the law. This is to ensure that the farmer has regular income to make payments under a Chapter 12 plan.

Chapter 13 Personal Reorganization

With Chapter 13, your debts are reorganized into a payment plan over 3 to 5 years. At the end of the Chapter 13 plan, your debts will be discharged. If you have problems with secured debt, you may be better off filing for Chapter 13 instead of Chapter 7 because Chapter 13 will allow you to pay off the past-due secured debt over time.

Chapter 13 allows you to stop the foreclosure of your house or repossession of your vehicle and get caught up on the past-due payments over a period of time. After your Chapter 13 has been filed, your future mortgage payments will be made through your bankruptcy repayment plan, along with past due payments.

Issues that Lead to Litigation in a Bankruptcy Proceeding

With bankruptcies, it’s common for disputes with creditors to surface. In some cases, litigation may be unavoidable. The experienced attorneys at Sasser Law are skilled litigators who have the knowledge of federal bankruptcy law to handle the most complicated cases.

Issues that can lead to litigation in a bankruptcy proceeding include disputes over:

  • Creditors’ rights
  • Asset sales
  • Asset values
  • Tax issues
  • Interest rates
  • Accusations of breach of fiduciary duty
  • Fraud accusations
  • Restructuring plans established outside of court
  • Pre-bankruptcy separation agreements

Bankruptcy litigation can become complicated when multiple parties have their interests to protect. This is when it is especially important to be represented by an experienced bankruptcy law firm that has litigation experience and is committed to fighting for your interests.

Bankruptcy hearings and trials take place on timetables that are quicker than many other legal proceedings. Because of this, the bankruptcy lawyers at Sasser Law will act promptly in gathering all the financial information your case requires.

How a North Carolina Bankruptcy Attorney Can Help

Bankruptcy can be very complicated. If you don’t have experience with filing legal documents or arguing your case, you could lose your bankruptcy case on simple mistakes. A skilled attorney knows what papers have to be submitted and what deadlines must be met. An experienced trial lawyer knows the judges involved with bankruptcy cases and what arguments need to be made to obtain a favorable result. Statistics show that people who hire a lawyer have a significantly higher success rate than those who file for bankruptcy on their own.

The North Carolina bankruptcy lawyers at Sasser Law will ensure that:

  • Your paperwork is filed correctly and on time
  • All your questions about bankruptcy are answered
  • You have a basic understanding of bankruptcy law
  • You understand all the documents you are signing
  • You file for the right type of bankruptcy
  • You perform every step required to finish your case successfully
  • You are represented at court hearings and meetings of your creditors
  • You disclose everything you should disclose to your creditors, the court, and the trustee
  • Your property is protected

Filing for bankruptcy can be overwhelming. You may not know what to expect, and the stigma surrounding bankruptcy may make you less likely to reach out for help. You need an understanding bankruptcy lawyer on your side who can walk you through the process and make sure that this complicated and often stressful process is resolved as smoothly as possible.

Whether you live in Sanford or elsewhere in Lee County, if you are facing unmanageable debt, the experienced attorneys at Sasser Law are here to help. We have helped thousands of families in North Carolina successfully file for bankruptcy. Our goal is to help our clients regain control of their lives and make a fresh start. Talk to us about whether seeking bankruptcy relief is the best course of action for you, too.

Lee County Bankruptcy Court Information

Bankruptcy proceedings initiated in Lee County are processed by the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Middle District of North Carolina, which has three locations:

U.S. Bankruptcy Court
Middle District of North Carolina
101 S. Edgeworth St.
Greensboro, NC 27401

U.S. Bankruptcy Court
Middle District of North Carolina
601 W. 4th St.
Winston-Salem, NC 27101

U.S. Bankruptcy Court
Middle District of North Carolina
Venable Center, Dibrell Building – Suite 280
302 East Pettigrew Street
Durham, NC 27701

(Durham is a non-staffed office. Mail should be directed to the Greensboro facility.)

Schedule a Free Consultation with a Lee County Bankruptcy Lawyer

The board-certified bankruptcy attorneys at Sasser Law are ready to help you with your Lee County bankruptcy case. Our law office is located in Cary, a short drive up U.S. 1 from Lee County. Whatever financial difficulties you are dealing with, you will be more confident after taking the first step to deal with the situation. Our skilled and compassionate lawyers can sit down with you to discuss your financial situation during a free initial consultation.

Allow us to guide you toward a better financial future for your family or your business. We will work closely with you to develop the best plan possible, and, if necessary, seek emergency protection to prevent home foreclosure or seizure of your possessions. Call us now at 919-319-7400 to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with one of our experienced Lee County bankruptcy attorneys.

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