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“All around excellent experience. I would recommend this firm to anybody in need of a Bankruptcy attorney.” – Cynthia D.

Financial reversals are a common occurrence.

When despite your best efforts the problems persist, you may want to consider bankruptcy as an option to obtain legal protections, peace of mind, and structure as it relates to your indebtedness. Our board-certified Raleigh bankruptcy attorneys have helped thousands of North Carolina residents and business owners navigate this situation.

We understand the pressures of potentially losing your home, your vehicle, or your business. We work with you to identify and evaluate your options, including whether a bankruptcy filing is really the best move for you.

Our Promise to You

  • No pressure. We want what’s best for you, so we will not push you into a move you’re not prepared to make.
  • No one standing between you and your attorney. Our attorney-to-staff ratio is high. You will consult with an attorney and have access to the firm’s attorneys.
  • No upfront fees or costs are required for chapter 13. We require no upfront fees and we advance the filing fee and credit counseling cost. We are paid through the chapter 13 plan payments.
  • No fine print. We seek to make fees straightforward and predictable.
  • No timidity. We welcome refile cases and cases that involve thorny dischargeability issues, valuations, hostile ex-spouses, etc.

Types of Bankruptcy

Whether you have been considering bankruptcy for a while or have found yourself facing a financial emergency, our team is here to help. Since 2000, we have filed more than 9,000 cases. Our goal is to help get our client’s financial posture back on track.

Unexpected setbacks can threaten your assets and your peace of mind. Our team will evaluate your situation and explain the impact of a bankruptcy filing.

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Sometimes the only way for a business to get caught up is to file for bankruptcy protection, putting creditors on hold while you work on a plan for reorganizing or liquidating assets. Our firm has experience working with both small and larger companies.

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Our firm does not shy away from difficult bankruptcy matters. Our North Carolina bankruptcy attorneys have litigated numerous contested matters, Adversary Proceedings and appeals both to the U.S. District Court as well as to the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals.

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Associations & Awards

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  • Attorney at Law Magazine, Local Authority Award
  • 2019 Business North Carolina Legal Elite Badge
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  • North Carolina Bar Association | Sasser Law Firm
  • Martindale-Hubbell award for high professional achievement at Sasser Law Firm
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  • American Board of Certification | Sasser Law Firm

A Team You Can Trust

Providing Straightforward Bankruptcy Advice

“Meeting with Travis and his staff was a very positive experience. I was especially surprised at their unique way of EMPATHIZING with someone who was faced with Bankruptcy.”

– Dan T.

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