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Crises Are Not Limited to Global Pandemics

Published January 17, 2023 by Sasser Law Firm
Crises Are Not Limited to Global Pandemics

Crises are not limited to a global pandemic. People experience various levels of crisis all the time, but sometimes those crises hit close to home and become too much to handle alone.

If you have a medical emergency, you would call 911 or a mental health hotline is 988. But who do you call with a financial emergency?

Options for Handling Financial Difficulties

Financial struggles can build over time, rising to a tipping point that ignites emergencies in the areas of housing, food, transportation, health, and family relationships. Those tipping points are often related to job loss, divorce, lawsuits, or health challenges. If you throw in a pandemic, that critical point may have come sooner than expected.

Many of us are in different financial standings than we were three years ago at the start of the pandemic. There’s no telling what direction the economy or your personal situation will turn. That’s why it’s important to get your finances in order and plan for the future now.

One way to put a pause on the financial chaos, hounding lenders, and foreclosure or car repossession is to file for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is an option to obtain legal protections, peace of mind, and structure as it relates to addressing your indebtedness.

At Sasser Law Firm, we understand the pressures of potentially or actually losing your home, vehicle, or business and will work with you to evaluate your options to see if bankruptcy is right for your situation. We offer a free consultation, and in Chapter 13, the filing fees are paid later through the plan. Bankruptcy has both immediate and long-term impacts, as it helps you restructure, payback, or eliminate debts.

We also recognize that bankruptcy is only one part of the solution to a likely complicated situation. It may stop debt collectors, repossessions, and legal actions. But it does not provide tonight’s meal or tomorrow’s job. Thankfully, Wake County has many resources that can help you and hopefully bridge your other immediate needs.

Local Financial Resources

While Sasser Law Firm can help you consider bankruptcy, your debt may only be one piece of the puzzle. Other resources to consider include:

  • Resource directories — Wake Network of Care has a service directory providing a list of resources and a starting point to find services, organizations, and other support throughout Wake County. Oak City Cares is a service hub for connecting those at risk of, or currently experiencing, homelessness to coordinated services that create a path to stable housing and renewed hope.
  • Housing assistance — The local government has a few COVID-related housing assistance options, such as affordable housing programs with Wake County.
  • Non-profit organizations — There are also non-profits ready to help our community’s needs. Western Wake Crisis Ministry (WWCM) works to partner with those in crisis by helping them gain stability through basic supports of food, financial/housing assistance, and education. While WWCM efforts are focused in Apex and the surrounding towns, Dorcas Ministries is in Cary and Raleigh Rescue Mission is in downtown Raleigh.
  • Resources for children — Children are often caught in the crosshairs of crisis. Safe Families for Children Raleigh (SFFC) was founded out of a proactive desire to provide safe, temporary care for vulnerable children and create family-like support for families in crisis. They accomplish this with a community of devoted volunteers motivated by compassion, care, and radical hospitality to keep children safe and families intact. Their family of trained volunteers offers support, often providing a loving, temporary home for children while parents deal with their crisis and get back on their feet. Joy and Travis Sasser are actively involved in SFFC.

Whatever the nature of your crisis, you are not alone. There is hope and help available in many forms. If bankruptcy is an option you want to consider, please call our office and set up a free in-person, video, or phone consultation.

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