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Chapter 7

How to Stop Repossession of Your Vehicle

Published June 15, 2022 by Sasser Law Firm
man loading a repossessed car onto tow truck

If you took a loan to buy a vehicle and cannot make your monthly payments, your vehicle could be repossessed by the lender. A common time frame to be concerned about repossession would be 45-75 days delinquency. There are several...

Consumer Debt vs. Non-Consumer Debt

Published May 31, 2022 by Sasser Law Firm
Checking personal finances

Consumer Debt vs. Non-Consumer Debt The major difference between consumer debt and non-consumer debt is what the money was used for. Whether your debt is considered consumer or non-consumer can affect your bankruptcy proceedings. Everyone’s situation is different, but an...

What Constitutes a Household Good in Bankruptcy?

Published May 3, 2022 by Sasser Law Firm

Exempt Property in a North Carolina Bankruptcy Some people avoid filing bankruptcy because they believe they’ll have to give up all their assets. However, an individual debtor is allowed to exempt certain property from the bankruptcy. For more information on...

Consumer Debt Gets Tough to Manage Around the Holidays

Published February 25, 2022 by Sasser Law Firm
Hand of a person facing holiday debt, holding credit card and looking at their balance on a computer screen

The winter holidays are a joyous time, but not if you are struggling with debt. From Black Friday and Cyber Monday to last-minute sales just before Christmas, industry experts expect the average American to spend almost $1,000 per person on...

Does Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Include Student Loans?

Published January 11, 2022 by Sasser Law Firm
Money and sticky note with student debt written on it

Millions of people across the country are currently borrowing or paying down student loan debt. While your education may have been valuable to you and your future, the student loans you have to pay back can be overwhelming. But what...

What to Do With Credit Cards Before Filing Chapter 7

Published December 16, 2021 by Sasser Law Firm

There is a lot of confusion around bankruptcy. What is and isn’t off-limits? Can you still use your credit cards when you file? What happens to credit cards in chapter 7? It can be challenging to navigate how to keep...

What Do You Lose When You File Bankruptcy?

Published October 13, 2021 by Sasser Law Firm
bankruptcy chapter 7 documents

Filing bankruptcy could give you a financial fresh start if you can’t repay your debts. However, it’s not a magic bullet, and some consequences remain. The type of bankruptcy you file, along with your asset and debt makeup, will determine...

how to handle personal guarantees on business obligations

Published October 4, 2021 by Sasser Law Firm

A lot of times when a small business owner is considering shuttering their company so they can find work someplace else one of their main concerns is how to handle personal guarantees on business obligations? The most obvious way for...

What Bankruptcy Can and Cannot Do

Published September 24, 2021 by Sasser Law Firm
Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Document

Bankruptcy can be a practical solution for people with problematic debt. It can also help them hold onto important assets, rebuild their credit, and find a stable financial path forward. However, bankruptcy has limitations that you need to understand if...

Foreclosure After COVID-19 – Can Bankruptcy Help?

Published September 14, 2021 by Sasser Law Firm
Foreclosure notice, keys, and gavel

The COVID-19 pandemic has left many people asking how to stop foreclosure proceedings and if filing for bankruptcy can help. In many cases, bankruptcy can help you avoid foreclosure, but it’s important to be aware of the issues involved. Keep...

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